Here’s a few bits of info we think are interesting and important.

  • SJB is a proven brand. Your customers will love it. Sister Jo Bangles is a shop, an online presence, an established brand, and a registered trademark in Australia. Before we went wholesale, we were a bricks and mortar store on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. Everything you see on this website sold brilliantly in our store, and is still selling via our retail website. Your customers will pay exactly what our retail customers do. Our cards, journals, tea towels, socks, tee shirts, and other homewares and gift items soon to be available here are all tried and tested. No duds, no experiments. We had them lined up three deep in fits of laughter throwing money at us for our greeting cards. You’ll be famous for them, and you’re absolutely welcome.


  • All one designer. Exclusive to us. Unique to you. Sister Jo Bangles was created in 2017 by artisan and maker Jo Hilder. Initially, Jo created and sold upcycled garments and accessories, but soon branched out into designing her own fabrics, cards and other colourful products to sell with her apparel at markets. In 2018, Jo opened her flagship store. Since then, she’s been selling her range of designer goods worldwide online. In February 2021, after a year of COVID related challenges, Jo decided to turn her attention to distributing her designs to other retailers and sharing the love without giving the landlord any more of her hard earned money. Aaaand here we are.


  • It’s all about heart. Some of our designs are a bit cheeky, and others are downright profane, but it’s all in the spirit of fun. We love humour, colour, silliness, inspiration, tears and laughter. Every design you see in our range was created with passion and with love. Corny? Absolutely. And we make no apologies for it.


  • We believe when you love what we do, your customers will too. Your satisfaction with SJB at every juncture is important to us, whether it be our service to you, or the quality of our goodies. We know that your delight as you unpack your SJB order will shine through as you merchandise and sell. Good vibes create tribes. We want to help you create a culture in your business which will keep customers coming back again and again, and that means doing our best to meet your expectations, and bring you the SJB experience we’re promising.

Now the serious stuff.

  • Your goods are created when you place your order. We don’t hold inventory or have a warehouse. Instead, we place your order with our suppliers and printers right after you send it to us. We believe in minimizing production processes wherever possible, and by not pre-ordering and storing stock, we’re helping to cut down waste, excess and the environmental impact of production. This means we sometimes pay a little more, but we think you’ll agree it’s worth it.


  • We source the best quality products available and learn as much as we can about the production process. We reckon good business is about more than just maximum profit. It’s about ethics, relationships, communication and intention. We research our suppliers carefully and trust our gut when it comes to who we go with. It’s not always possible to get exactly what we want, but we get as close as we can, because we know that’s what you expect.


  • We are proforma only. Sorry folks, no accounts. This is because of the way we manage inventory. You pay us, we pay the supplier, they send your goodies. Again, this is less messy (in so many ways) than credit and holding onto stock. Our suppliers like to be paid when we place your order. We don’t hold accounts with them due to the smaller minimum order quantities. You pay, we pay, they ship. Easy.


  • No minimum order quantity, but minimum product quantities apply. This is so we can get the best price for on-demand ordering of our products. This way of purchasing inventory is generally more expensive, but thanks to our relationships with our suppliers, and our minimum product quantities per order, we have a workable balance between price and how many can be ordered at a time. Most suppliers don’t like B2B-er’s who play like us, because we don’t want to order or hold heaps of cartons of stock at a time. But we’ve got cool suppliers who’ll play with us.


  • Your order may come as several packages at different times. Goodies are shipped directly from the manufacturer/supplier. This cuts down shipping costs for you. The downside is you may receive your order in increments. We’ll be sure to let you know estimated shipping times and tracking details. We’ve consolidated shipping costs into one flat rate for you so you’re not paying all over the place, we are.

  • Returns are awkward and time consuming, but shit happens. If you receive damaged or faulty goods, contact us as soon as you take receipt of them and we’ll credit you the price of the item(s). It’s probably easier for you to keep and/or onsell at a discount than for us to be to-ing and fro-ing with you sending it back to us. Remember, we don’t hold or bin stock. And we trust you not to take advantage of this policy by throwing something at the wall just to get it for free. If you ask nicely, we’d probably be happy to give you a freebie, especially if you’re an established account.

Should you wish to ask any questions or send us info, please use the contact form below.

Thanks and happy shopping (and selling),

Jo Hilder

Boss Lady – SJB Wholesale